Hints & Tips-Valward Enterprises

Hints & Tips


  1. Val Ward slat belt treadmills are very old now none under the age of 13years . So keep chain well lubricated on treadmill .  If they start to rust the chain links will snap & break slats.
  2. Don't over oil the Val Ward Variable speed pulley otherwise V-belt will slip .
  3. If your Variable speed pulley is chewing up V-belts and making noise its means its worn out . We can supply you with a new one . 
  4. Valward Dog treadmills are also good for rehabilitation of injury .
  5. The dogs love to look at something as they walk on treadmills (eg) facing outside .
  6. Stay with dogs on treadmill at all times for their safety .
  7. Just call us if you have any issues we're happy to help & if need be we can come out to you and solve issues .



 2 to 3 drops off oil in variable speed pulley once a week.

older treadmills which are chain driven should be oiled also.