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Why buy Valward dog walking machine from us ? 

We have been building Dog treadmills out of industrial parts for reliability  since the 1960's and in this throw away society our treadmills elimante that need  .

We build 1,2,3 & 4 dog walking machines and now Slat mills  plus  we also build custom machines if you like require them  longer , wider or with an incline .  

Exercising your companion on a treadmill or slat mill keeps your dog healthy and limber, while reducing behavioral problems such as excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety related behaviors.

It also helps your dog build trust and confidence in you and in their environment.

Having a Valward dog treadmill or Slat mill  is benifical for your companion  

  • Increases your dogs health
  • Dog treadmill or Slat mill that keeps your dogs phyically fit and looking great
  • Give you the upper edge over the competition to win that race , show dog event
  • It helps with  rehabilitation from injury or surgery 
  • Dont have the time to walk your pet
  • Is the weather  bad ? cant walk your companion ? then a slat mill or treadmill is right for you

Our Dog treadmills are Delivered all over Australia to a local depo or to your home . 

We have sold to the Greyhound Industry , Military , Police , show dog owners & pet owners .  

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