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Val Ward Miniature horse Crush , Ponies , Shetlands & Small Horses. 

This Miniature horse crush is made from Steal with rubber matting for grip & to reduce noise when horse walks  on ramp.  Comes with 2 ramps or 1 , both sides open outwards for easy access , center bar also removes & 2 chains across front & back to keep the horse central .

Crush can be disassembled for transport for where ever you may need it , a long with feet you can bolt to ground for more permanent solution . 

This Horse crush is great for people with bad knees or Bad back or just sick of getting down to work on small horse . I was surprised by how easy I clean Moonbeams Hooves . I  now look forward too washing & trimming him .

Measurements :

Width : 600
Ramp length : 1200
Height :1160
Platform area :1200
Overall : 3600 

Can be picked up or Delivered to anywhere required. 

If required can make a custom one to suit your needs

Price  $650



Grooming Stand $300 

Keep you're Miniature horse , small horse and ponies in the right position With The Grooming stand with a metal loop to tie horse too & protect yourself from you're horse when washing , Grooming for show & clipping hooves .

Concrete Stand (Now Available)



  • Has a mesh bucket for loosen hay.
  • Mesh Bucket also comes off .
  • Chain with key chain to lock to halter
  • Chain with key chains with rubber hose to stop horse from moving backwards.
  • Semi circle key chain holders to fit all  different size horses

  • You will get many years use with its solid construction.

    We will also have one with feet so you can bolt the Val Ward Grooming Stand
    down to Concrete .

    Height  : 970 note : need at least 1foot  under ground.
    Length : 1500
    Width  : 700

    Weight : 31kg

    We can Deliver to any where in Australia & New Zealand or you may pick up item yourself . Delivery price varies from state to state .

    If Required can build to Specific customer's needs .

    Made some changes after our farrier used the grooming stand and said it was very good.

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