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Australian Dog Slat MIll

1600x350 large mill
large slat mill 1600x350 this fits german sheperds to greyhounds
For professionals
disc break system to stop mill and to help get dogs on Ajustable incline both ends adjustable overhead bar to suit your dog . And suspension to reduce load on your dogs legs
Large and small slat mill
showing the size difference bewteen large and small
Australian parts
brackets which are laser cut in Australia to improve accuracy
overhead adjusting bar
brackets allow you to adjust where dog stand on slat mill and the slides are laser cut and bent up in AUstralia
Flange wheel
The large flange wheels are made from Alluminium and made from scratch here in Australia . This part helps track the belt
Black Betty on a large slat mill
Betty giving her seal of approval :)
Ready to work in puppy day care
ready to rumble and will fit a large variety of dogs on this large mill
just cuteness
just cute :)
Photo title 10
Photo description 10

Quick video of slat mill and dog treadmill


With our slat mills we have kept our industrial parts quality which Val Ward Enterprises has been known for.

Slat Mills require  NO electricity to run (dog power) is the key ! Benificial for the envrioment .
The dog can determine the speed in which they run.

We at Val Ward are proud to supply you with dog slat mills made in Australia and we can Deliver across Australia .

You can view more pictures and videos of our slat mills on our Facebook page 


Micro  900mm long X 300mm wide  walking area 
Suits : Jack Russel , pug , Italian Greyhound

Small  1250mm long X 350mm wide walking area
Suits : French Bulldog ,  Beagle  , Collie

Large  1600mm long X 350mm wide walking area
Suits : German Sheperd , Rottweiler , Weimaraner

Xtra Large 1900mm long x 350mm wide walking area
Suits : Great Dane , Newfoundland

And Custom Sizes MIll available 

We Require $500 deposit on Treadmills 
And $200 on slat mill orders 

20% fee if you cancel your order

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